Exciting Talent and Skills

2 hours of ice time per day, 4:1 ratio of kids to instructor, special NHL guests, and more… This isn’t just a hockey camp, it’s everything! Every year we get just as excited as you with the anticipation of what we have scheduled for your next season of camp.  Alongside this we are extremely excited to get the players focused on growth of their skills, fundamentals, on and off-ice awareness, and overall raw  game building. We put emphasis on the 3 “s’s”; skating, shooting and stick handling. From there we build outward to complete the player with a full circle understanding. We help the athletes set their standards and more importantly give them the tools to consitently follow them.

Goal Setting and What We Do

Hockey Haven understands the fundamentals of goal setting. Whether it is goal setting in a sense of tallying an assist on the ice, or in a lot of cases, HHH is a shareholder to the assistance of your kid’s success in achieving their own personal goals in their life. We value the overall safety of your children and we don’t have kids teaching kids. We insist on having fully trained and experienced adult directors who are able to guide your child to reach their potential.  Hockey Haven puts every member of the staff through rigorous pre-camp training off and on ice, covering items such as; Health & Safety, Emergency, Emotional Awareness Training, and so on…

Character Building and Why Camp

Life skills and the characteristics of your child’s own maintenance in establishing his/her identity in this world is something we can’t dismiss. Through hockey we find all the resources necessary to showcase good living through our programs and training sessions that your child will participate in through their stay with us. The living quarters are quaint and comfortable and aid to the good relationships worth building between campers and this is an experience and memory that can only be created through the camp program.

Reasons this program is for you:

  • 2 hours of ice time per day with a 4:1 ratio and a max of 24 kids
  • Ex-professional and OHL instructor on the ice daily with the kids
  • Friday skills competition and black and white scrimmage
  • Special NHL guests throughout the summer
Hockey Practice
Quick Program Facts:
  • Co-ed ages 9-15
  • 2 hours of ice time/day
  • Multi-sport approach
  • 4:1 ratio and a max of 24 kids
  • Ex-pro and OHL instructors
  • Special NHL guests
  • Focuses on the 3 “s’s”
  • Friday skills competition
  • Focus on all skill levels
  • Must have their own equipment


Quick Camping Facts:
  • Check-in Sundays
  • Check-out Saturdays 10 am
  • Cabins air conditioned
  • Full bathroom
  • Max of 10 campers / cabin
  • 2 counselors in a separate room
  • 3 healthy meals daily
  • Nut free environment
  • Nightly snacks around fire
  • Other fun activities
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