• Just wanted to drop a line and say how much my boys, Riley and Carter (aka Tarter), enjoyed camp this past week. You and your coaches did an excellent job.  You have a great crew.  In particular,  Tommy did a great job with Carter and all the little guys. He was so patient and attentive and as a result Carter really improved. If you wouldn't mind passing my thanks along to him I would appreciate it. Have a great hockey season and we'll see you next summer. Best, Anne

    Anne, Happy Mom
  • Tucker is doing as well as we can expect. He really enjoys playing the games - he got his first goal of the season last night and followed it up with another goal in the next period. He still tends to struggle with paying attention during practices, but is improving. Hopefully he will be better next summer, but if necessary, there is always Advil Extra Strength! Happy New Year, Jeff, Michelle, Carson & Tucker

    Jeff, Michelle, Carson & Tucker
  • Glad to see HHH is still going after all these years! In the mid 60's I was with a group of young players that came up from Northbrook (Chicago area) . It was just after Bobby Orr's rookie year... he was 18 I think. Bobby revealed to us one of his skating secrets -- no socks under his skates! He said he could feel the ice better that way. I think both Phil and Tony Esposito were there that year, if my memory serves. So was Kenny Hodge. I remember Ron Ellis. While some of the players were using bends on their stick blades, I seem to recall that he still had a flat blade - better for strong backhanders, he said. You had some other big names up there to too, from Hawks, Bruins, (Was Bernie Parent there, too -- or was I dreaming?). I seem to recall that during the weeks I was there a good number of NHL stars just showed up to check things out and have fun. In fact, the NHL guys were having more fun than the kids. The pros were playing pranks on everybody... especially on the camp counselors. who would be scooped out of their bunks late at night and carried into the woods for an initiation ritual that involved black shoe polish. The ice drills were great. I gained some knowledge of the game and acquired some skills which you can only get from guys who played at the pro level. I'll never forget those weeks I spent up there." Thanks for the memories. S. Town Clearwater, FL

    S. Town, Clearwater, FL
  • Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know that last week my son Zach had an absolutely fabulous time at your hockey camp in Minden. He was excited to go every day, and then to be able to get back to the lake after a great morning of hockey was so much fun that we said that we will be back next year for sure! Troy, I wish you the best of luck in growing the hockey school and returning it to its' former glory...you are well on your way!" All the best, Jordan Levitt

    Jordan Levitt
  • My three daughters (10, 7, and 5) attended hockey camp at HHH this past summer. Because we have a cottage in the area I watched from the stands quite a bit. I was very impressed with the instruction. The drills were well organized, fun, and fast paced - there was very little of the standing around I saw at a couple of the other camps they went to. The instructors were all very knowledgeable, able to tailor the program to the suit the kids, and made sure everyone was having fun. My girls had a great time, and they improved significantly. All three are now playing rep hockey  two of them for the first time. Steve Oakes Richmond Hill, Ontario.

    Steve Oakes Richmond Hill, Ontario
  • Thanxs for a fantastic week thus far for Ty and Tan.   They r having a fantastic time.  You and all the other members of the team keep the kids moving big time.  Tan and Tys clothes r actually a bit loose now....

  • A brief note to thank you and your staff for all your efforts in making the past 5 days a very memorable one for Jameson. He recounted his whole week on the 2 hour drive home! I only caught the final 2 periods of the game and it looks like he has taken some suggestions and put them into practice. He looked like he wanted to carry the puck more, sometimes to his detriment, and playing with more confidence. I know he enjoyed the camaraderie of Quinn and all the boys at camp. Also looks like we need a wake board now. Thanks. Should put our 115 vmax on the pontoon through its paces. Any further insight you can offer on Jameson play is appreciated. Have a good weekend and good luck with the rest of the camps!

  • Had such a great time that we will be registering again this year. Thank you for running this wonderful program, so close to our cottage 🙂

    Heather and Jeff
  • Hey Guys, Thanks for everything you do to help build hockey in the highlands. There is a generic thanks below , but, I wanted to just say thanks on behalf of the players you’ve developed and supported financially. I will continue to be a strong advocate of the HHHSC. Can’t wait to see the camp. Thank you for supporting minor hockey in our community. Hockey holds a special place in the heart of Haliburton County, and, without your financial sponsorship we could not continue to run the association and have as many kids play hockey as we do. Hockey teaches children and families about fitness, friendship, sportsmanship and many life lessons, thereby building our community. We hope that the many ways we recognize your business sponsorship illustrate to local and visiting families that your business supports the youth of our towns. Sponsor recognition includes:

    • Facebook posts with your logo
    • Website acknowledgement of your business
    • Sponsor signs in both local arenas
    • Highlander Newspaper and Moose FM radio acknowledgement
    • Distributed game videos
    • Storm calendars
    • Team jerseys
    • and many other small ways
    We hope you find value in this and will continue to support minor hockey. Please contact me if you have ideas, questions or wish to sponsor again next year. Our 200+ kids and their extended families appreciate it. Thank you. Best Regards,

  • My son Derek attended the ice only camp last week. I was worried as he is only 7 and he knew how to skate but had never played ice hockey before. When I saw some of the older kids and how good some of them were and how my son was the only real beginner on the ice I was concerned. But all the coaches were amazing, they took the extra time to make sure my son was okay and felt comfortable and they would give him one on one instruction if there was something he couldn't do. My son loved the week and he wants to come back for another week(July 31st to Aug 4th if there is availability.) You have great coaches in the ice only part of the camp, they keep the practices moving so the kids never got bored and the drills were very productive for skill development. They made my son's 1st week of hockey enjoyable and he improved so much by the end of the week. He was on the fence about signing up for hockey in the fall but now he definitely wants to play in a league. Thanks for everything.

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