When Do We Start

Day Camps run from Monday to Friday from 8/8:30am – 4/5:30pm. Choose a major program and a minor program and spend the day honing your skills and enjoying summer with us!

What’s It About

You will get half a day of professional instruction from our pros in your chosen major and 2 hours of instruction in your minor sports selection followed by some extremely fun and educational camp programming before you go home for the day.

Food and Service

We will provide a healthy and nutritious lunch as well! Parents/guardians are responsible for drop-off and pick-up of the participants.


Quick Program Facts:
  • Co-ed ages 8-15
  • 2.5 hours of Professional instruction in each of your selected programs
  • Multi-sport approach
  • 4:1 ratio and a max of 24 kids
  • Ex-Pro and OHL Hockey Instructors, CPGA golf Instructors, and Professional Wakeboard Instructors.
  • Special Professional Guests
  • Focuses on the 3 “s’s”
  • Friday skills competitions
  • Focus on all skill levels
  • Must have their own hockey equipment

Quick Camping Facts:
  • Check-in Monday-Friday 8-830AM
  • Check-out Monday-Friday  4-530 pm
  • Dining Hall Air Conditioned
  • A Healthy Lunch Daily
  • Nut Free Environment
  • Other Fun Activities
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