Skills, Tricks, and Learning

We all dream of boosting like Randall Harris, but much like adding yards to your drive in golf, any amount of improvement in wakeboarding will make you that much more excited to get back out there for the next ride. Whether you are just learning to get air or want to float your tricks longer to add style, we have the goods for you. Learning to spin correctly can open the doors to your riding in a way that few other skills can. Mastery of line tension, handle manipulation, and learning the proper edging types and positions will get you going from zero to 360 (or 540 to 720) with fewer handle drops and edge catches.

Comradery and Why Camp

We start as a team and stay as a team. We teach everyone to all be working together at all times to promote a positive boarding experience through support systems and maybe a few high fives! Sharing success’ is a nightly routine around the fire and a few whispers before bed about how great someone did that day is entirely acceptable. We realize that as many memories that are created on the water… There is another created off the water.

Boarder Safety and Classroom

As with all our sports and activities we promote at Hockey Haven we never leave safety on the table. Life-jackets, technique, boarder and boater signalling, and more… We keep it simple to be understood by all our campers and incorporate a classroom setting into every day before heading out on the water.

Reasons this program is for you:

  • Professional Instructors / Former Competitors
  • Class room instructions daily
  • Boarder safety
Surf's Up!
Quick Program Facts:
  • Co-ed ages 9-15
  • Professional Instructors
  • Former Competitors
  • Boarder safety
  • Class room instructions daily
Quick Camping Facts:
  • Check-in Sundays
  • Check-out Saturdays 10 am
  • Cabins air conditioned
  • Full bathroom
  • Max of 10 campers / cabin
  • 2 councelors in a separate room
  • 3 healthy meals daily
  • Nut free environment
  • Nightly snacks around fire
  • Other fun activities
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