Haliburton Hockey Haven Sports Camp Preliminary Covid-19 Protocols

  • Pre-Arrival to camp
    • Staff
      • Staff will be required to provide a negative Covid test no more than one week before arrival at camp before training
      • Staff will be encouraged to limit their exposure to others one week before arrival at camp for training week
    • Campers
      • Prior to arriving to camp all campers will be required to show proof of a negative Covid test and will be attached to the medical forms and mailed in electronically
      • The test must be completed no more than one week before arrival to camp
      • Campers are encouraged to minimize exposure to others in the week leading up to camp
  • Check-in
    • Parents
      • All parents will be given designated times for arrival based on cabin to limit exposure. Parents and campers of the designated time will be the only people allowed to check in during that time No Exceptions
      • Parents will be screened for Covid-19 symptoms including a temperature checkpoint before entering camp
      • Check-in will be completed outdoors and masks will be mandatory for both parents campers and staff
      • Parents will not be permitted into cabins with their children and will be required to stay in the check-in area, a member of staff will walk all campers to their cabin and help them set up their space if that is the case
  • Covid Compliance Officer
    • Haliburton Hockey Haven Sports Camp will designate a staff to be the Covid compliance officer, his or her duties will include but not be limited to the supervision or execution of:
      • Ensuring all equipment is properly sanitized between each cohort use
      • Increasing the frequency of cleaning in all high touch areas including doorknobs, water fountains, light switches etc…
      • Ensuring and reminding all campers to use proper hand hygiene
      • Ensuring all hand sanitizer stations and adequately full and regularly used
      • Creating proper social distancing plans in settings where two cohorts may be in close contact for a period of time indoors eg. Dining hall
      • Ensuring all campers wear proper masks on busses to and from the hockey rink and golf course
      • Ensuring all campers and staff provide a daily symptom check or in the case a camper is unable to, proving the symptom check for the camper
      • Compliance officer will be aware of allergies or pre-existing conditions that are not covid-19 related
  • Cohorts
    • A cohort is a group of campers and/or staff who have frequent or close interactions
      • Haliburton Hockey Haven will operate with the use of cohorts this summer where two cabins, eg. Leafs and Avalanche, will attend their selected sports at the same time and will not have interaction at their sports with other cabins
      • The use of cabin cohorts will limit exposure for campers as well as staff to the entire camp
      • Cohort sizes will be organized in a manner that ensures staff to camper ratios are acceptable under Ontario Camp Association standards
      • Multiple cohorts can used shared indoor spaces if physical distancing is practiced
  • Cabins
    • Ventilation will be optimized to ensure proper airflow throughout cabins
    • Campers will not sleep head to head with other bunks to ensure proper distancing in cabins overnight
  • Use of masks
    • Masks will be used at check-in by campers, parents and staff
    • Kitchen staff will use masks at all times
    • Masks will be used indoors only when two cohorts are using the same shared space and physical distancing cannot be maintained
    • Masks will be worn on all bus rides to ensure safety of campers, staff and bus drivers
  • Bus trips to rink and golf course
    • Masks will be worn during the duration of the bus trip
    • Campers and staff will be required to sanitize their hands before each bus trip
    • Staff will clean high touch areas of the bus after each trip to ensure proper sanitation
    • A seating plan will be developed and adhered to each day to record contact tracing in addition to a bus log
    • The seats directly behind the bus driver will remain empty
  • Rink
    • Masks will be worn entering and exiting the arena and campers/staff will physically distance from rink staff
    • High touch areas will be sanitized before and after each session
    • Campers will only drink from their own water bottles
  • Covid-19 at camp
    • In the case of either a camper or the Covid compliance officer noting symptoms of staff or campers the following will take place
      • The camper/staff with possible symptoms will be isolated and quarantined in our designated Covid-19 quarantine cabin
      • A 30-minute rapid test will be performed by the trained Covid compliance officer
        • In the case of a negative rapid test
          • On a per camper/symptom basis, they will be monitored and isolated for 24 hours, or earlier if symptoms reside, before being re-integrated into their cohort
          • Camper will be monitored for further symptoms throughout the duration of their camp experience
        • In the case of a positive rapid test
          • Camper will remain in isolation in the designated quarantine cabin
          • Parents of the camper will be notified and asked to come pick up their child for the safety of all other campers and staff, and advised to get a Covid lab test
          • All campers and staff in the Covid positive campers’ cabin will be evaluated for symptoms and administered a 30-minute rapid test
          • Any camper or staff that tests positive will be required to go home and receive further lab testing
          • Cabin cohort within Covid positive campers’ cabin will be strictly monitored and have cohort measures closely watched to ensure no two cohorts are in close contact
          • Cabin of camper will be extensively cleaned to ensure proper sanitization


These Covid-19 protocols are preliminary and under constant review to ensure they are adhering to the Ontario Camp Associations standards as well as The Haliburton, Kawartha, Pineridge district health unit standards. For any further questions please email info@camphockeyhaven.com or mitchell@camphockeyhaven.com

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